Welcome to Zoe Asher writers desk

“Write Until There’s Nothing Left To Say”

About Me

My Background

Always  colour outside the lines;
Ask ’why’ to help me understand;
Know there are few non-negotiables;
Curious to a fault;
Love to Travel & Art in All its Forms;
Know it’s Experiences & Memories 
That Enrich Our Lives;
Pack As Much Living as I Can
Into Every Hour of Every Day. 

Writers Desk

Why I Write

To Give Voice 

To Those Who May Not Have One.

To Push the Boundaries of Conventions.

To Help Us All Remember 

Who We Were

Before Society Told Us 

Who We Should Be

Writers Desk

My style

If you’ve dreamed about a life beyond your world, your everyday existence, join me in a journey that will entertain, inspire and bring alternative lifestyles into your fantasies and imagination.

My stories are of lovers, their desires and pleasures, their hopes and dreams, their joys and sadness.

Expand your mind, push your boundaries and perhaps, change your reality.

Writers Desk


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